About Us

What is the ISPA?

The ISPA is an independent employee association and is not affiliated with any other state or local organization. The ISPA is administered by Idaho State Police Officers and support personnel, is registered by the State of Idaho, and is listed as a non-profit corporation. Under IRS rules, donations to ISPA are not tax deductible as some of the funds we receive go directly to help individual members of the organization. We also provide assistance to family members of the other police organizations in Idaho who have a need.

Active membership includes Idaho State Police (ISP) sworn officers and civilian employees. The membership's governing body is a seven member Board of Directors; a state president and six chapter representatives from each of the State Police regions across Idaho. The vice chairman, treasurer and the secretary positions are filled from the presidents. The board of directors may also hire or appoint outside contract employees.

Articles & By-laws:

Our Mission:

The ISPA was formed in 1982 and is a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Idaho. The missions of the Idaho State Police Association is defined in Article 4 of the ISPA Restate Articles of Incorporation, which states:

The Organization is organized, and shall be operated exclusively for the following purposes.
  1. To provide continuing effort to better police services to the public.
  2. To stimulate mutual cooperation among Idaho State Police Association chapters and other law enforcement agencies and corporations.
  3. To establish and maintain a line of communication among all members of the Idaho State Police.
  4. To provide relief for members of the ISPA and other police officers in Idaho in the time of need through line of duty incident, accident or catastrophic illness upon request.
  5. To evaluate the standards of the Idaho State Police employees and to promote the professionalism of its members.
  6. To assist in obtaining better equipment, salaries, pensions, fringe benefits, promotional opportunities, and working conditions for ISP employees.
  7. To provide a vehicle through which we may promulgate factual data for the purpose of legislative lobbying.